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FORTGROUP signed an agreement about opening the first in Russia Angry Birds Park

FORTGROUP signed a licensing agreement with the Angry Birds Activity Park franchise owner Rovio, a Finnish company. The first in Russia indoor family activity park Angry Birds with a total floor area of 3.9 thousand square meters will open on the third floor of Europolis shopping center in 2015. A FORTGROUP subsidiary company will manage the project.

“Currently, it is not sufficient for a quality center to have a good location and a unique architectural design. We need a unique proposal that would distinguish us fr om others and attract customers to this center wh ere they can spend their free time. Angry Birds Activity Park will add an indoor family activity park to EUROPOLIS.  It is the only one in Russia,” Maksim Levchenko, a FORTGROUP managing partner noted.

Angry Birds Activity Park will visit up to 2.8 thousand visitors daily. According to plan, 255 thousand people will visit the park annually.

Angry Birds Activity Park will include amusement rides, a cafe, party rooms for children, and a theme souvenir shop. Tickets to the park will cover an entire day and visitors will be able to  leave the park to have lunch and do some shopping, and later return to the park and continue their entertainment program at Angry Birds.

“We see a lot of potential in developing this project both in Saint Petersburg and in other Russian cities. After launching it at EUROPOLIS, we will evaluate the results and draw plans for the future. I am confident that the project will be successful and will be continued,”  Maksim Levchenko said.

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